The access to the database of the photographic work of Pedro Meyer is granted for research purposes. The database is designed to help curators, critics, researchers and artists to get to know the work of Pedro Meyer and to write articles, do research projects and select images for exhibitions. People interested in consulting the database must submit an application describing the purpose of the research, if approved, access to the database will be granted for a limited time.

User Information:
1. pedromeyer.com acknowledges the importance of privacy for the users of its database. Information will be confidential and will not be shared, transferred or sold to any company or private party.
2. The information requested for registration of the users of pedromeyer.com has the sole purpose of administrating the users of the database.
3. We do not request information such as credit card numbers.
4. We do not send information that has not been requested.

Access Authorization:
1. Once the application for access to the database is submitted, you will receive an e-mail confirming authorization and validity of access to the database. Depending on the activity for which access is requested, validity of access can run from a minimum of one week to a maximum of one year. To renew access, a new application must be submitted.
2. In the event of rejection of an application, an e-mail will be sent explaining the reasons for such rejection.

Access Cancellation.
pedromeyer.com reserves the right to cancel access to the database to those users that:

A. Make inappropriate or offensive remarks of the photographs.
B. Misuse the database or the information contained in it.

Information Update:
If you are registered in the database and your information suffers any change, please contact us to update your registration.

If you have any questions please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Links from other sites:
pedromeyer.com is not responsible for personal information given using websites other than our website’s specific registration form.

Terms and Conditions of Use:

You must read and accept the following “Terms and conditions of Use” and click on the “I have read and Agreed” button to register, by clicking you are obliged to accept the “Terms and conditions of use” of this agreement.
Pedromeyer.com reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. If you accept the terms and conditions it is your responsibility to revise them from time to time. These “Terms and conditions of use” were updated on
February 13, 2007.

A. Image Copyrights:
1. All the photographs, comments and information contained in this website are the exclusive property of Pedro Meyer. The photographs are protected by Mexican and international copyright laws and any other applicable laws.

B. Unauthorized use of images:
1. Except previous payment and authorization for use of the images:

i. It is illegal to copy or use any part of any image in a photograph, digital image, and digital copy or as a reference for other image.
ii. It is illegal to incorporate, fully or partially, any image within other image. Modifying the image does not grant any right of use. The original image, modified or altered is protected by copyright.
iii. Any unauthorized use, publication or broadcasting of any image is an infringement of copyright, and makes you liable for compensation, fees and damages for the unauthorized use of the database.

C. Payment of Rights:
1. License: The license for the use of images is limited at all times by the agreement between yourself and Pedro Meyer. The terms of the license will include, among other things: Medium in which they’ll be used, distribution, size of the reproduction, duration of use and exclusivity.
2. Fee: To obtain a high-resolution image you must pay the rights for its use. The amount of the fee will be provided after the acceptance of the application and agreement of terms of use.
3. Cancellation: There will be no refunds or cancellations once the authorization has been granted and payment of fee has been received.
4. Availability of Use: pedromeyer.com will provide information regarding previous publication of the photographs to avoid any conflict with previous publications.
5. Prohibition of Use of Images: The images of the pedromeyer.com database my not be copied or reproduced massively:

i. In printed media such as brochures, books, newspapers or magazines or printed in t-shirts, mugs, etc.
ii. Published in electronic media such as Internet portals, CD’s, Television, Kiosks, etc.

Previous payment of rights and authorization of the “PM License” by Pedro Meyer or his legal representatives is required.

6. The “PM License” is a written document that will be either printed or provided via e-mail, in which the terms of use of the image are defined. The “PM License” is non-transferable.
7. Copyrights of all images are and remain to be owned by Pedro Meyer.
8. Information regarding image use: You must guarantee you have given the correct and precise information regarding the use of the “PM License”, which includes correct name and type of business of the license’s final user. For example, if you are representing an advertising agency and the image is to be used in a brochure of an airline, the airline is the final user, not the agency.
9. Credits. A condition of use of an image in a “PM License” is that the credit must be included at the bottom of the image: date © Pedro Meyer. Not complying makes you liable to a 100% charge over the license fee.
10. Cancellation of License. Pedro Meyer reserves the right to cancel the license for any of the following reasons:

i. The information you provided is incorrect.
ii. There is any conflict regarding the limits of use agreed during the license process.
iii. Violation or abuse of the terms and conditions or guarantees mentioned above.
iv. Payment of the license fee is not received punctually and promptly.
v. Any cancellation will be notified beforehand via telephone or e-mail.
vi. The cancellation will have effect even if you are not available via telephone or do not reply to the e-mail.

11. Violation of Copyright: There will be a compensation payment of US $2,000.00 or its equivalent for every “unauthorized use” of any image included in pedromeyer.com, notwithstanding the payment of other compensations required by law.
12. Elimination of Images: Once the “PM License” has expired, all reproducible copies of the image under your care or your employees’ must be deleted to avoid any future non-authorized uses of them.
13. Prohibited Uses: You may not lease, sell, transfer or grant any kind of license to third parties.